Leading Arabian Trading Company (LATRADE)

Officially, Leading Arabian Trading Company was founded in 2002 as a Jordanian partnership company duly authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Amman. However the actual age of the company has been accumulated over several decades as a result of the experience of its staff and consultants.

The primary objective of Leading Arabian Trading Company is represented in carrying out several cultural (profit and non-profit) activities inside Jordan and abroad, the most important of which are: translation, translation training, the guided research activity and sending students to study abroad. From the beginning, Leading Arabian Trading Company has undertaken the mission of training and qualifying a professional staff to carry out such tasks.

In conformity with the company's expansion in the field of written and simultaneous translation, the central administration of Leading Arabian Trading Company has established Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation according to a license issued by the Jordanian Department of Press and Publications. Adding other objectives in the vocational license; namely: "scientific research according to the applicable laws and regulations" , " educational consultations" and "students and commercial services" is another expansion step.

Furthermore, the administration of the Company has set a number of short and long term strategies that our staff is devoted to accomplish.

There are three main departments in the Company, Translation Department, the Department of Planning, Studies and Strategic Research and Legal Department. Three further supportive departments have been established in order to logistically support the main departments, and to help obtaining the ideal form of the provided service. The supportive departments include: Typing Department, Computer Engineering and Maintenance Department, and the Department of Marketing, Promotion and Following up.