Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation: Qualifying Jordanian Female Translators with High Skills

Report by the journalist: Mariyam Naser

Amman – Alghad Newspaper: A pioneering step and a qualitative development witnessed by Amman labor market in preparing a free training program for the Jordanian female translators which is considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East as a national service aiming at qualifying professional female translators to join the local and Arab 1abour market. This program is carried out by Leading Arabian Trading Company under the management of Mr. Adel Azzam who holds M.A degree in International Economic Law obtained from Warwick University in Britain.

For the enrolled females, the program constitutes a starting point towards future and a pivotal turning point in their practical life.

towards future and a pivotal turning point in their practical life.Noor Shabib, who has completed the program which lasted for four months, is proud for joining the program. She asserts that she has benefited much from it as she obtained knowledge which may surpass her university study of English literature. She stated, "Through his vanguard notion, Mr. Adel has provided us with a training opportunity on translation. Moreover, the program has assisted us in enhancing our self-confidence and transferring us from studying into work atmosphere.

Noor is working now as the head of translation department in Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation / Leading Arabian Trading Company.

Mr. Azzam indicates that the idea of the program struck him through his study as he conducted several researches about the Arab woman and the development of her capabilities. He also worked as a translator one time and observed that translators especially the females in Jordan have not acquired the required practical training and have no reference handling their training affairs which makes it difficult for them to find a translation post as all jobs require practical experience as a main condition for employment. From here, the idea has crossed my mind.

Mr. Azzam added that he prepared a program of (500) hours for training those females who hold diploma or B.A. in English literature or translation, showing that %80 of the program is a translation practice and %20 of it includes theoretical courses. Each female trainee is granted a certificate in these courses.

Mr. Azzam stated that the selection of trainees is made through advertisement in newspapers, recommendations, and personal interview as each one should set for an efficiency exam for this purpose and acquire a grade not less than "good" for those who are English majors and "very good" for those whose major is not English, but they wish to work in translation, explaining that the program is designed for females who have good command in both languages: Arabic and English.

The program is marked as Azzam said, by the practical applications of specialized translation. The program aims at providing the female trainees with practical experience in translation from English into Arabic and vice – versa. They can also gain experience in translation in the following fields: education, literature, trade law, natural sciences, medicines and others as well as the simultaneous translation, computer and administrative skills which the trainee gains free of charge.

Training is supervised by the professional specialists in translation. For instance, the medical translation teacher should be a doctor and so on. Mr. Adel Azzam indicated that the set curriculum is taken from specialized references and books in translation of Arab authors. They are the best references and books of translation in the Arab World. Moreover, the program gives an opportunity for the females to work individually or in groups. In this concern, Mr. Azzam said that in the group workshops, the trainees translate texts through participation in translation, working in a group of one spirit which prepares them for immense translation projects which require "team work". He illustrated that the teaching system of the program is strict and requires serious trainees who actually wish to be skilled translators capable of facing the various challenges in the labor market.

Due to the fact that translation is not an easy task and requires accuracy, concentration, administration and intellectual skills, the trainee is often subject to the stress encountered by the skilled translator. Teachers supervise these aspects of translation process and atmosphere. They show the trainees both the weak and strong points in the methods of their translation.

The trainee is granted a competency certificate at the end of her training program of (500) hours at the rate of (5) hours per day and (5) days per week. As for the female employees and students, they attend for (3) hours per day at the rate of (5) to (4) days per week insomuch as (500) hours.

Mr. Azzam stated that the company role is not completed by the end of the training course. The management nominates the graduates for working in the authorized translation offices in Jordan and in the Arab Gulf States, and selects a numbers of them for joining the company staff. The company has taken part in employing %80 of the female graduates. He stated that (7) classes have been graduated so far and shortly the eighth class will graduate. He said that at the end of each course the embassies and companies ask us to nominate females to work with them in the translation field.

Mr. Azzam clarified that his company "Leading Arabian Trading Company" which was established in 2002 bears the expenses of the free national translation program for the purpose of activating the translation process inside Jordan and abroad. The company has succeeded within a short time in attracting a number of local and international firms. Besides, it has signed distinguished contracts with these firms for providing translation services, covered a number of international conferences in Jordan and was granted several awards.

Hanan Kayed, one of the trainees enrolled in the program, is so enthusiastic as shown through her description of the program, she said, "I am still studying at the university and I am so pleased that I have joined this program which will improve my skills in translation and will help in giving me an impression about the labor market while I am studying. This is a unique opportunity in my point of view and I am very zealous".

The trainee, Nida, agreed with her and stated, "I believe that this program is much better than the university study which lacks the practical application. Mr. Adel was able to prepare this program even he is still young. The atmosphere here is so friendly, and the girls become close friends through the held seminars and experience exchange".

Nida ascertained that she and her colleagues in the program exchange information and experience in addition to their knowledge in sciences and languages, for instance, if one girl has excellent command of German, she will teach us the fundamentals of this language. Besides, we watch a certain film weekly and hold discussions about it. She also said that she gained friendships and developed her social and translation skills through this program.

Anan Abu Hammour stated that she could improve her skills in translation in addition to other skills such as working in the stressed and one-team atmospheres. She added that the main target of Leading Arabian Trading Company under the management of Mr. Adel Azzam is achieving good quality not the quantity the thing that prompts us to persist in reaching a high level of skills, commending the quality of the intensive program which she received within a period of (4) months. She added that the program is in favor of the community as the program endeavors to qualify locally skilled national translators.

Certificates are not granted unless several specialized courses are completed in the program such as legal, pharmaceutical, medical and commercial translation so as the trainee can become professional in all academic and scientific translation fields.

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