A Brain Storming Perspective

Advocate: Adel Azzam Saqf Al Hait


A successful General Director establishes a decentralized system for the production management, that renders flexibility to parties involved and spares time for the central administration to plan strategies, monitor revenues and expenditures and control numbers and types of units produced. However, small and medium-sized organizations in developing countries are usually burdened with prevailing internal and external environments that domestic economic and legislative problems impose, having its impact on the performance and productivity of employees. Such an environment may spread negligence, irresponsibility, and the breach of organizational regulations and internal instructions among employees, leading even to employees’ disobedience of the administration; a situation that threatens the activities and wastes the chances of the organization. In such a perilous situation, the general management ought to declare a “State of General Organizational Call Up” and impose strict instructions that would ease internal congestion, re-impose discipline, and ensure proper functioning conduct.

Such strict procedures are characterized by being centralized, bureaucratic, and monopolistic of power and views. Although they re-invent the old-fashioned and classic features of management, yet, their enforcement at certain times would lead to impressive results. Hereinafter a list, I myself have prepared and examined in my company:

  • Democracy is better than despotism. Yet, productive despotism is better than non-productive democracy.
  • Modernized bureaucracy brings security and profit. So, standing against is considered as an anti- company’s -regime.
  • Only the General Management sets strategic policies, and accordingly, bears its consequences. Employees shall implement relevant drawn policies and shall bear merely, the consequences of its implementation.
  • Neither objects to orders, nor think of the philosophy behind it. Innovate instead ways to implement it.
  • Execution (of tasks) comes first, discussion later. Alternatively execution comes, discussion does not.
  • Obeying orders is top priority, and then come executing works and gaining profits.
  • Defying the General Management is a must-not. Cooperation with is a must; its authority is an absolute right in the production process within the company.
  • Although it is not a charged personnel, yet An administrative system enjoys the properties of a human entity, deriving those properties from the General Management.
  • Attempting to elaborate the mind and thinking on behalf of the Management Leadership is an unforgivable mistake. Such procreation is absolutely void. The General Management is the Company’s thinking intellect and radiating mind.
  • “Wrong is always the opposite of right” is not necessarily true; “the opposite of right could be another right differing from the first right in the essence”.
  • During your working hours, The Company possesses your time and your working energy, and fruitfully invests them for the interest of yours and of the adventurers (the company); its they who, in the first place, established that pioneering project.
  • Committing mistakes is a guilt. Non-recognition of, or attempts to justify such mistakes is considered an unforgivable blunder.
  • Small repeated mistakes are AIDS- viruses-likes that undermine immunity and security of the company making its system vulnerable to weakness and problems. The General Management should not tolerate the AIDS-viruses-likes promoters.
  • Partners Administrative System questions the General Management ... The General Management in turn questions the employees ... An employee questions only himself .
  • Personal freedom of the managers and employees is secured.
  • Large costs involved does not mean negligence of less profitable costs; the system has been designed to accommodate all involved. Thus, inability to deal with pressures of work is a result of inadequate self-executing.
  • The General Management may give you an excuse for postponing implementation of your onus.. But it will not give you such an excuse for not registering it in the “employee’s daily working order” and deferring it to next day.
  • “Employee’s daily working order” is a window-like through which the General Management overlooks its staff, clients and production, combining abstract facts, analyzing them and coming out with findings and recommendations.
  • Onus might be postponed.. But should never be omitted.
  • Time and again say it to yourself: “I am proud of working in this pioneering company and of my effective participation in the physical, cognitive, and national production within it. I pledge to preserve its system ... as it is a part of my entity, security, prosperity, faith, and developmental constructive role in life”.
  • Enjoy security, intimacy, and prosperity under the umbrella of the leadership.
  • All scripted in Bold Black in the previous items is not to be disordered.

Master of International Economics Law / UK