How to consolidate the concept of loyalty of your staff

Advocate - Jordan:Adel Azzam Saqf Al-Hait
Master in International Economic Law/ Britain


Employees arrive at their offices at the proper time to start work and carry out their routine. They are present when you need them. So, does the preparation of simple service request for company agents considered hard for them?!! Does a smile at the director’s face and minimizing complain that difficult?!! Especially, when we realize that the company is offering a good social security program, beside four weeks – at least – of annual vacation. Then, why we still suffer from employees’ weak performance?!!
The problem lies in the fact that the advantages, vacations and salary are in exchange for the employee’s service, not for his motivation. The company offers these privileges to attract and sustain gifted employees. Still, they do not motivate them. In fact, most employees make the effort necessary to maintain their positions only. Nevertheless, being an ambitious businessman, you will not expect them to carry out only what they need to “survive” penalties! This is not what you want from your staff.
So, what should you do to prompt your employees and stimulate them to do their best?! This article offers some highlights to assist you in stimulating the staff.
The Theory of Motivation through Action & Refraining
You could motivate the employees working at your firm without any expenses…If you have the desire to, then you should first “remove the negative practices” that minimize the employees’ productivity, exactly what we call “Motivation Through Refraining” since you will get the fruits of motivation without performing an action, rather, by refraining from carrying out harmful actions that may affect you staff. The second step is to find and develop “normal incentives” that will stimulate them and enhance their inducements to work. “Motivation through Action” is based on a scientific opinion, the purport of which is that all people have humanitarian desires for loyalty, activity, achievement, confession, power, capability, control, authority and ownership, and they try to fulfill these cravings during their lives, especially at their firms in which they work. It is of great importance to provide your employees’ work with a meaning and a value, in addition to contributing in fulfilling their needs. Through the reduction of negative practices and adding normal incentives, you will be setting yourself on the path of actual motivation for employees. Following are the details of motivation mechanism, including both parts, action and refraining:
First: Removing Negative Practices (Motivation through Refraining)
Next is a list of practices which frustrate determination of employees. These practices form negative powers and should be avoided:
·        Setting many unnecessary rules that should be followed by employees.
·        Specification of long useless meetings which employees have to attend. Use technology to send your messages through Internet or through morning instructions, instead of interrupting their productivity.
·        Encouraging unproductive internal competition between employees, since it will only create hatred between them and waste their work energy in hopeless issues. Such as the dangerous trick “employee the month”.
·        Hiding important information from employees who need them to carry out their duties.
·        Unhelpful criticism of the employee, especially before his colleagues.
·        Unfair treatment of employees and harming their dignity.
·        Forming unclear expectations about the performance of employees.
·        Tolerance of performance less than the average which leads to the continuity of the weakness of the feeble employee. Employees with high performance will feel that they were used.
How many of these frustrations exist in your company? How many can you remove?!
Second: Implementation of Normal Motivation Means (Motivation through Action):
Following are examples for some mechanisms that may help you to motivate the normal capabilities of your employees. Focus on entering a number of changes to the job organization of your firm.
·        Give your employees the chance to choose the way in which they carry out their work. Evaluate their performance according to the results, with the freedom to specify the mechanisms of execution.
·        If your employees’ work was a type of routine, then add some fun to it.
·        Encourage your staff to take responsibility and provide them with opportunities to practice leadership inside your company.
·        Support interaction between your employees, form teams and workshops as needed and each time appoint a new leader for the new group.
·        You could teach them to make use of their mistakes while avoiding hard criticism.
·        Develop goals and challenges for each employee. It is possible for the employee to carry out a distinguished and notable work, but not related to the duties required in his job description. Remember: the problem might be in the firm system which does not explain to the employee the organizational goals and his role in achieving them.
·        Provide lots of encouragement and demonstrate your admiration of your employees’ work when necessary calls. Backing-up the employee has a distinguished effect on increasing productivity. Mention the employee’s achievements, not only during performance revision, but also during that performance.
·        Develop a measure that demonstrates improvement of performance, praise the competent employee before his colleagues.
·        Care about sending your staff to join training courses.
·        Listen to your employees. If they encounter work problems, discuss them rationally and set a program to develop employees’ contribution in the submission of complaints and advice to the administration.
Fair Salary and Motivation …
Caring about normal motivations should not make you forget the importance of being fair in specifying wages, as it is difficult to have gifted employees in the various administrative levels of your firm. Furthermore, training or replacing them will be expensive. Therefore, try to be aware of the salaries which competitive firms pay for the same employee, and attempt to make the wages of your staff within a competitive level for what they offer. Any employee who feels that his salary is less than his effort might move to another firm. In order for your firm to succeed, you should offer the highest service level for each employee and agent. When your realize justice in wages and motivate your staff, each employee will work with his colleagues to achieve the strategic goals of your firm.