Legal Department

Legal Advice and Contract Drafting:

The company makes uses of famed legal advisors to defend its own interests, draft contracts, and give legal advice where their duties include:

  • Drafting contracts and carry out necessary procedures in this regard.
  • Providing legal advice.

Debt Collection :

Legal authorized collectors collect all types of debts owed by companies, individuals, and public sectors whether inside or outside the state using all means of negotiation and legal follow-up to reach effective settlements as soon as possible at the lowest cost.

The Department’s collectors have achieved high rates of success in collecting debts of the company including the difficult ones showing efficiency in negotiation and discharge or litigation which contributes to reduction of debt requirement costs.

Litigation before all types and ranks of the regular courts:

In case of litigation, the company entrusts lawyers to plead and defend it before:

  • a. All types and ranks of courts except religious courts.
  • b. Arbitrators.
  • c. Departments of Public Prosecution.
  • d. All administrative bodies and public and private establishments

Development, legal education, and external advice:

The Legal Department carries out regular programs including inviting international competent experts and advisors, develops work procedures, refines employees’ skills and educates them juristically and administratively.
Further, the Department provides clients of the company with advice in topics related to contracts, international trade, and notary ratifications as well as other legal and commercial transactions.