Administrative and legal system

Leading Arabian Trading Co. is a Jordanian partnership company founded in 2002, to undertake a number of profitable and non-profitable service activities inside and outside Jordan.

In its current form, the company falls under the private sector - the business sector, and the company adopts, as it will be mentioned hereunder, both inductive and deductive approaches in its Execution and application of management principles.

The main objective of Leading Arabian Trading Co. is to conduct a number of activities registered in the professions license (profitable and non-profitable) inside Jordan and abroad, including translation, training, and objective research activity such as conducting studies on human rights and community development. Leading Arabian Trading Co.- since its inception - undertook the task of training and the preparation of professional cadres to carry out these tasks, and sought to obtain a large market share in the service sector. In addition to the above mentioned, the company handled customized training programs for talented graduates and others for persons of special needs, as publicity, and a away to contribute to enhance the civil society. The company's strategy is based on pairing between the commercial and voluntary activities, to provide the best possible product of translation services, legal and development researches at the lowest cost, as well as to prepare qualified cadres in these two activities.

The company's management believes that the consumer needs are changing, and the prosperous movement of trade between Jordan and other Arab surrounding countries had led to an increase the demand for translation of contracts, official documents, legal suits – in case of dispute arising among contractors or partners - as well as, an increase in the number of students studying abroad, openness to the scientific foreign literature for the Jordanians students studying in national universities in addition to an increase in the immigration transactions. However, the company's indicators still confirm the increase in the translation rates for materials from English to Arabic and vice versa, then German, French, Ukrainian languages and other vital languages. While in the field of medical research, the demand on special studies of international law of human rights, international humanitarian law (special in armed disputes), humanitarian researches and gender researches for the development of communities had increased in the twenty first century being expressed an agenda of the United Nations and the international standards for the development, protection and development of human rights in developing communities. In this regard, the Marketing Department follows up all the new updates and always submits recommendation reports to the management.

Moreover, the company is trying to obtain the largest possible share in a strong competitive market by increasing the quality of its services and providing its product within appropriate prices. In translation, the company provides service of receiving and delivering translation documents on duly certified papers, free of charge. While in the research activity, the company provides research schemes required for the supporting bodies and non-profitable associations free of charge. In addition, the company is distinguished for its legal and marketing departments and an independent and sophisticated website, which has a large number of diverse and updated web pages.

Besides, the company pays a particular attention to its environment both internally and externally, where in the internal environment, the management adopts in its dealings with the employees the carrot and the stick under the authority of law, whereas the list of rewards begins with a smile and ends with promotion, and the list of sanctions begins with a grin and ends with dismissal, under the terms of the labor law, and the previous mentioned two lists must not exceed the tasks and duties, or vice versa. The management adopts the principle of flexibility according to the conditions of work, and develops a spirit of cooperation, equal authority and responsibility, in addition to the principle of adaptation, stability, equality, and initiative.

On the external level, the company criterion of achievement is to provide the intellectual product to the clients within the highest international quality standards, and in record time. The company also seeks to provide the Arab labor market of professional translators, and to establish commercial branches and liaison offices of Leading Arabian Trading Co. in the Arab and foreign world. Moreover, its relationship is distinct with the complementary services companies regarding its service product, such as printing and publishing houses and libraries, and the relationship is based on mutual understanding and common interests, while its relationship with competitors is based on mutual respect, and with the government, it is based on trust and abiding by the laws and paying taxes in accordance with the legal maturity.

The company of Leading Arabian Trading is stems from the thought and approach of the contemporary management, in order to adapt and adopt the direction of management systems school, as the type of organization in the company is official, therefore we noted that the organizational structure commensurate with the interests of this company specifically, and this is illustrated in the quality of relationships, the flow of powers and information, the sequence in authorities and the relationship between superior and subordinate within the main tasks of the company, which is represented in translation, training and objective research activity.

In addition, the translation department in the company enjoys a special attention whether in terms of financial returns, the entered contracts, and the number of its cadres, or in terms of the administrative and logistical support, its official name is "Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation", and it includes the staff of translation, employee translators, freelancer translators and trainers, who supervise the national program of translation training, in addition, the company has translators of various languages in the different translation disciplines, their mother language is Arabic. However, the studies department, which is headed by a researcher, holds a doctorate degree in management, and he collaborates with many researchers and project contractors and freelances, in addition to, a statistical analyst, programmer and proofreader.

Regarding the preparation of professional cadre's, this is widely achieved and is represented in the extension of the organizational structure of the three main departments to include registration units spread throughout the world, and subordinate sections to support the activities of the main sections logistically and to contribute to the output produced in an optimal form.

Moreover, the company is proud of the quality of its human resources, which represent the most important component of the management organization that gradates from the central director general who branched of two sections: three of them is major and the other three is for backup, which in turn each has its units, and some of its levels branches to more specialized branch within the broader unit.

In addition, this model of organization is characterized by being functional, it focuses on the division of work according to the specialty existed in the organization, and the organization is divided to departments according to specialty, and this is useful in allow the hiring of specialists, building experience and mastering the work, in addition to the continuing attention of the company in training its cadres and working to enable them to gain experience and develop their skills in order to achieve the planned strategies.

In regard to centralization and accounting: the small departments enjoy the decentralization to accelerate and reduce the cost of communication between the head and the subordinates, while the administrative orders of sovereign or schematic or financial nature are centralized, to ensure implementing the required strategies, reduce corruption and to hold the violators accountable, thus protect the public interest of the company.

Regarding the methodology of production work, al-Qeyadah maintains in its archives many samples display the nature of its work for media purposes, and it is ready to submit these samples for those are interested in contracting, upon request. In turn, the head of the translation department distribute the materials to be completed to the specialists, according to the special work orders and after delivery, materials undergo through editing phase, and finally reviewed by the head of the department for approval then issuance electronically and / or printed and banded, then delivered to the client according to the conditions of work order. Regarding the research, it is subject to the methodology of scientific research and according to the applicable principles.

In terms of delegation of administrative authority in the company, the most important principles are as follows:

  • The Director-General or the manager selects the delegated or the authorized member with the highest degree of accuracy and objectivity.
  • The delegation shall be in writing, direct and in clear terms, and the oral authorization in not accepted except in the narrowest scope.
  • The subordinate coordinates with the head that authorized him.
  • The scope of the delegation must match the size of the tasks and duties to be performed. Everything else is considered void and it does not implicate administrative impact.

The values of the organization are focused on the individual knowledge of the nature of work being carried out or supervised, and on his belief in its mission. The central director of the company holds a doctoral degree from a British university and has practical experience in both the translation and the scientific research fields.

The staff also is specialists in their field and their education is at least a bachelor's degree, in addition, the translators must be graduated from the training department in the company.

The administrative staff is selected with a minimum limit of human skills focuses on the following:

  • The ability to positively influence the subordinates with love and respect.
  • Use the list of rewards and sanctions with utmost wisdom and rationality, without excess or negligence.

In addition, a minimum limit of intellectual skills focuses on the following:

  • The extent of the manager's ability to imagine and predict the future.
  • To assemble the particles to form wholes.
  • To link the past with the present to predict the future.

Moreover, the executive's staff is selected within a minimum limit of human and intellectual skills focuses on the following:

  • The employee's ability to positively influence his superiors and colleagues at work.
  • To enjoy the ability to perform the work assigned to him under difficult working conditions.
  • To enjoy spirit of initiative and creative imagination.
  • Good manners, loyalty for a good family environment.

Moreover, the organizing of committees is one of the things related to the organization and the organizational structure of the company, and they are formed as follows:

  • Each committee consists of three or more members, and the number is single to facilitate the process of decision-making by majority vote.
  • Committees are formed to study an issue or solve a particular problem and to reach a common view and then take the appropriate decision.

Types of committees in the company:

  • Executive or advisory committees. Their executive decisions are binding, but the advisory recommendations are optional and have non-binding effect.
  • Permanent or temporary committees. The permanent committees are constituted as part of the organizational structure, while the temporary committees are dissolved at the end of the task, which was formed to accomplish.
  • Formal and informal committees. The official committees are formed by decision from the Director General or the head of the department to achieve organizational and general objectives, while the informal committees are constituted by a decision by one of the members to achieve personal or private objectives.

In quality control and monitoring, the central general management monitors all the stages of work production to confirm the quality of the translation, the research projects and the commitment to delivery schedules. However, this arrangement helps in the completion and achievement of their goals, where the cognitive resources are achieved by adopting the scientific principles and methodology, and other elements. While control is exercised from the top to the bottom, in addition to the management's reliance on reports and communications received periodically from the bottom to the top.

The planning of the company, the most important elements include the following:

  • Setting goals: and this the main objective of Leading Arabian Trading Co., which is conducting a number of activities (profitable and non-profitable) inside Jordan and abroad, including: translation, training, objective research activity, therefore Leading Arabian Trading Co. undertook - since its inception - the task of training and preparation of professional cadres to perform these tasks.
  • Prediction: the budgets review and management reports have proved that the company achieved its objectives from 2002 until 2012, including the company awarding large bids in Jordan and Gulf, in particular, and opened a liaison office in Britain and Egypt. Moreover, it was noticed that the company management was able to study the needs of the market and adapt to them as well as, update its media activities to suit its stages of growth.
  • Identify the tasks and duties: the company has contributed to the production of constructive knowledge in Jordan through following the principles of scientific methodology in scientific research, in addition to the translation in order to benefit from the West Sciences, which our Islamic civilization - along with other civilizations – contributed to the production of its inherited knowledge and thus its sciences. In addition, training of young people recently graduated on translation and scientific research within targeted national programs.
  • Processing and development of plans and their implementation: the company organizes and coordinates its efforts to provide an intellectual product for its clients in the highest international quality standards and in record time, as well as, it plans human and financial resources, to supply the Arab labor market with professional translators, moreover, the company is working on establishing commercial branches and liaison office for Leading Arabian Trading Co. in the world, in order to obtain the best results . Aiming to achieve these results, the departments are divided by specialty, and the tasks are simplified for the employees. In the mean time, types of control are implemented in order to ensure the accomplishment of the assigned tasks and the accompanying guidance and counseling for members to simplify and ensure clarity and provide good understanding - and thus carrying out their duties effectively. In this regard, Leading Arabian Trading Co. is seeking to make an interaction between human and financial resources to accomplish the desired goals at the lowest cost and on the highest possible quality. However, we note that the criteria and the division here is according to functions (administrative units).

It crystal clear that the administrative organization of the company is very effective through the development of a clear and achievable goal, and the existence of an organized and applicable plan on the ground of reality, however, the process is monitored , controlled and directed through disciplined controlled and restricted models, in addition to the direct control of the competent official for the accuracy and validity of the application of standards and principles set out for each task and work at implementation to ensure the quality of output and compliance with the required standards.

Leading Arabian Trading Co. adopts the labor Law No. (8) Of 1996, as amended and the company has a legal counselor undertakes its legal affairs, contracts, commercial activities, financial collection. Implementation of the commitments, labor issues, taxes, licensing and renewal in the Ministry of Industry in addition to the municipality and litigation, if necessary. The company has also a personnel system, a financial system, and bylaws, as well as internal circulars issued from time to time and signed by the Director General and the lawyer (Legal Counselor) of the company.