The Logistic Support Provided By Leading

Arabian Trading Company to Post Graduate Students

The logistic support means assisting the student in the non-curriculum steps of preparing his thesis.

The logistic support includes the following:

  • Searching out previous literature or related literature from significant international databases such as EBSCOhost.

    This database includes the following databases:

    • Academic Search Premier: A general and diverse database.
    • Eric: a database specialized in education related studies and articles.
    • Business Source Premier: Business Source Premier: a database specialized in business and accounting related studies and articles.
    • Computer Source: a database specialized in computer and information technology related studies and articles.
    • Legal Collection: a database specialized in the refereed legal related studies and articles.
    • Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection: a database specialized in the psychology and behavior related studies and articles.
    • CINAHL Plus with Full Text: a database specialized in the nursing related studies.
    • Biomedical Reference Collection Comprehensive: a database specialized in biomedicine.

    In addition to a large number of secondary databases specialized in social sciences, history, geography, basic and applied science (physics, chemistry, and mathematics).

  • Leading Arabian Trading Company provides assistance in translating the studies covering three aspects:
    • Translation for research purposes in which the researcher translator translates the name of the researcher, the year of the study, the title of the study, objectives of the study, sample and the community, results and recommendations for the purpose of including this translation within the previous literature chapter in the student's thesis.
    • Summarization in which the researcher translator summarizes the study in its source language.
    • Translation and summarization in which the researcher translator translates and summarizes the study including the main ideas.
    • Full translation in which the translator translates the study entirely into the Arabic language or vice-versa.
    • Leading Arabian Trading Company provides the service of statistical analysis to assist the student in downloading the data of the tool of his study (whether the tool was a questionnaire, scales, or so) and analyzing these data by the most expert analyst with the possibility of commenting on the results and tables.
  • Leading Arabian Trading Company uses distinguished statistical analysis programs such as ANOVA, SPSS, and Chronbach's Alpha.

    The Company provides also services of typing the thesis and researches, summarizing the studies and books, and translating researches.

    The Company also observes the view of the supervisor of the thesis, research, or graduation project, and takes upon itself to be committed with the student till the supervisor approves his thesis/research/ or project.