Sections of the Translation Department:

  • Written Translation Section

    Translation of:

    • Religious studies.
    • Political topics.
    • National and international agreements.
    • Legal contracts.
    • Various types of official documents.
    • Laws, regulations, court judgments and decisions, reports of the investigation committees, pleadings, memorandums, and legal notifications.
    • Patents and trademarks.
    • Theoretical legal topics.
    • Medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological reports.
    • Environmental, agricultural, and nutrition topics.
    • Sport topics.
    • Engineering, physical and mathematical topics.
    • Computer and advanced software manuals.
    • Commercial translation including: administration, economics, banking and finance sciences.
    • Accounting statements, feasibility studies projects, financial statements, budgets and tenders.
    • Press and media translation.
    • Humanitarian topics.
    • Geography and geology topics.
    • Historical documents and articles.
    • Literary translation.
    • Arts and music related topics.
    • Interpretation in all fields
  • Proofreading Section for Arabic or English materials

  • Interpretation Section

  • Commercial Correspondence Section

Professional translators and experts carry out these tasks.

The management undertakes to submit the translated product typed on time.

Our services also include graphic and website design in addition to flyers.