The Supervising Support For The Postgraduate Student

That LaTrade Provides

By support, we mean assisting the postgraduate student in preparing his thesis / dissertation, not partly or transitory, but comprehensively from the very start till earning the postgraduate degree, that is: from A - Z. Our support includes:

  • Conducting discussions and brain storming sessions, about issues selected from study subjects that are of interest to the student, in order to point to a creative issue for the thesis/dissertation that would be an asset to scientific research in the student's universtiy and country.
  • Preparing a title for the thesis/dissertation. Title should be clear, comprehensive yet concise, renovative, and neither presumptive nor conclusive.
  • Upon obtaining written approval of the proposed title by the supervisor and/or supervising committee, and refering to all relevant Arabic and other references, proceeding to prepare the thesis/dissertation plan with all its necessary elements.
  • Amending and modifying the plan, taking feed-back of the supervising committee into consideration.
  • Preparing the thesis/dissertation, meanwhile adhering to proper methods for collecting and verifying data, and scientific methodical standards for expressing and analysing, in order to reach reasonable conclusions and recommendations.
    Conclusions reached shall be viewed in context of conclusions of relevant previous studies , emphasizing at the same time , the unique scientific achievements of that particular thesis/dissertation .Chapters shall be submitted to the student successively , amending and modifying them as appropriate , in accordance with feed-back of the supervising committee.
  • Preparing the student to maintain opinion, and stand ground for his thesis / dissertation, through in-depth discussions and arguments.
  • The plan for excuting these steps shall be based on the scientific principals and methods adopted for the preperation of the thesis/dissertation in accordance with the concerned university student guide.