About Translation Department

The Translation Department in the Company (Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation) acquires special attention whether in terms of the volume of revenues, the concluded contracts and the number of its staff, or in terms of the administrative and logistic support.

The staff of the translation department consists of full time translators, freelance translators and the trainers who are supervising the Free National Translation Training Program. We offer translation services from and into various vital languages taking into consideration that the mother language of the department is Arabic. The department is distinguished by the availability of specialized translators in several languages and aspects of translation.

The Translation Department is subject administratively to the supervision of the Central General Manager of the Company, who holds M.A. degree from Britain. He had also practiced translation before establishing the Company. Next is the Head of the Translation Department, who holds the M.A degree in Applied Linguistics from a Jordanian public university. Her vice holds the B.A. degree in English Literature from a Jordanian public university. Both of them had worked in the field of translation for more than two years before joining Leading Arabian Trading Company.

The department also consists of three full time translators In addition to a large number of translators and languages accredited experts for Leading Arabian Trading Company who constitute work teams if necessary.

Leading Arabian Trading Company is keen on holding ongoing training and practical courses for its staff. Training is given by distinguished and professional instructors in the targeted translation courses; these courses are varied to include all aspects of translation.