National Translation Training Program

A Progressive Project Contributing in Preparing Young Professional Translators

The program has been held and financed by Leading Arabian Trading Company, a Jordanian partnership company which was founded in 2002, in its main office in "Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation" in Amman.

The Translation Department in Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation holds two types of programs, namely the national program and the private program, both of them aim at training the students and graduates of the translation and English literature majors on authorized translation.

The first program is financed completely by the company, and the enrolled categories can be divided into females, males, and the individuals with special needs.

National Program:

National Program for Training the Females:

This program, which started in 2003, aims at supporting the working woman in Jordan, it qualifies its graduates to occupy the position of a professional translator, administrative official, conference organizer, or so. The program provides the graduates with the required practical experience in translation from and into Arabic and English, and the company coordinates with the outstanding international and local establishments to recruit the graduates with no charge for that.

Applicants for enrolling in the program should be students or graduates of translation or English literature and should acquire a very good rating in the proficiency test.

This program has been designed to provide the female trainees with practical experience in translation in various domains such as the legal, religious, commercial, scientific, medical, educational, and literature fields ... etc., in addition to developing the computer and administrative skills as well as the other skills.

The program comprises attending the hours of practical translation workshops beside the attendance of the theoretical specialized training courses held by the translation department in various fields of applied translation. Each trainee shall set for a test at the end of each theoretical course and if the trainee passes the test, she will obtain a certificate of this training course. At the end of her five-hundred hour-training program, the trainee shall be given a project to translate in order to award her the certificate of competence

In its comprehensive framework, the program aims at raising the intellectual awareness of the females enrolled in the program and convincing them practically that they are capable of achieving academic progress, managing the production process, and contributing effectively in building their families' economy and the national economy just as males. The program is a humble contribution in activating the principles of "Jordanian Feminism" and transforming the brilliant slogans to productive projects on the ground.

National Program for Training the Males:

Due to the increasing demand for enrolling in the practical program by the male students and graduates, the general administration of the company has originated a special section for them in 2007 in accordance with the same conditions, and assigned a certain percentage for their enrollment in each course.

National Program for Training the Individuals with Special Needs:

To merge those with special needs in the civil society and the production process, it has been decided to admit those of special needs who apply for enrolling in the national program if they pass the proficiency test with an average of "good" at least. The administration has provided them with the modern technologies for training and communication. This program has started in 2007.

For more details about joining any of the programs of Leading Bureau for Authorized Translation, please do not hesitate to contact us.