Skills of Scientific Research Writing

First Section:

  • Stages of human thinking
  • Definition of scientific method in research and its objectives
  • Characteristics of scientific thinking
  • Characteristics of the scientific researcher
  • Types of the scientific research
  1. Stages of Human Thinking:-

    Human thinking: The mental activity through which the human faces a problem encountering him in his life.

    • The methods of thinking have varied through the different historical ages of human to suit his capabilities, his thinking levels, and the available tools.

      We may divide the stages of human thinking through the intellectual and civil development of humanity to the following three basic stages:

      1. Sensory stage: In this stage, man has used his senses to understand and know things as well as explaining the situations that he has met.
      2. Meditative philosophical stage: In this stage, man has tried to think and meditate in the other phenomena that he could not understand through his senses (death, life, creation, and creator).
      3. Experimental scientific stage: In this stage, man could associate the phenomena with the causes objectively and analyze the available information about them for the purpose of reaching rules, theories, and generalizations that might be useful in his life.
  2. Definition of the Scientific Method in Research and its Objectives:

    Science: The organized and fixed knowledge stemming from observation, study, and experimentation for the purpose of setting bases and rules to what has been studied.

    Science has two aspects:

    • An organized and thorough knowledge and understanding based on study and experimentation not an intuitive understanding and knowledge.
    • Knowledge arises from studies, experiments, or observation. It achieves significant objectives represented in description, illustration, and prediction.

    Method: An approach leading to reveal truth in different domains of science through a set of general rules that dominate the course of mind and determine its activities till reaching a satisfactory result.

    Scientific Research:

    • An attempt to find out, develop, check, and reach knowledge accurately and by thorough critique, then to present it in an integrate manner in order to make a progress in the human civilization and knowledge as well as to contribute effectively in human knowledge.
    • An inquiry or test through investigation, search, and experimentation for the purpose of finding out new facts, or explaining them or a review of the theories and rules accepted by the society in light of new facts or practical applications of new or modified rules.